When justice seems so far..

I haven’t been writing. Just getting over a terrible flare. In December 21, 2010. I went to have a procedure. Simple routine same day surgery. I will NEVER forget that day as it change my quantity of life and future forever. I try to suit however 2 attorneys later dishonest, the first attorney made huge mists and my case almost got dismissed. Today 6 days before trial, 2nd attorney very rude , unkind called yesterday demanding I drop medical malpractice case . Looking back, I miss all the signs of a dishonest attorney, false promises not once but twice.  I feel lost, tired, sick.  Is anyone listening?  How do you fight when hopes seems lost.?  Today I suffer from chronic Interstial cystitis, urine retention, %70 of by bladder is gone, colon reception and 0ver 10 surgeries , over 50 E.R visits past 2 years, a morphine pump and Botox through cystoscope every 4-6 month. How can any person sustain a job like this.  Despite everything I learned, attorneies not always have your best interest by heart.

l was told by one of the Doctored who operated on me; “Betty, you will never be able to proof we did something wrong, don’t you dare open that can or worms ” was Doctor K right? Right now my mind is clouded, only a miracle could change things around.