Another day

When i first started this blog, i was not sure about themes or topics to write about. Since my mind never rest, i was hesitant to write about whatever came up day by day. (after all, who will be reading this anyways…) I thought it would  be much like my “diary”.  So here it goes, just another day.

For the past 5 month my heart been aching. I have done everything i could to ignore it but still feels the same and getting comfortable. Not sure if i should thank God about having to know this kind of pain. You see, I been known physical pain since 2011. I live with it. Someday are better than others but when is bad, I am talking about “ER visit bad”. I manage  to survive.  Now; this other kind of pain. The one that feels someone  literally ripping your heart out, that one i just happen to discovered. I wish i knew how long this pain in my heart would last. I keep reading about it and everyone is different. For some, this type of pain is a death sentence for others is prison. My prayer is that one day i wake up, and see Mr. HOPE  again right next to me. But of course, only God knows…

P.S. Good night … to whoever took the time to read or stumble into this blog. Forrest Gump was right “life is like a box of chocolates”. 


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