Living with a Chronic illness.

When i was firs diagnosed with Interstitial Cystitis, not in a million years thought my life would be like this. (imagine your hands without skin and urine running through it all day)  For those not families with the “Spoon Theory” it is just like it. You wake up in the morning with an amount of “spoon” to use for the day.  Once they all used up, you either take your chances borrowing from the next day stack of spoons  “doing one more task” or stop for the day.  Having chronic Interstitial Cystitis have changed my life forever.  This is NOT the life i plan 15 years ago. This was NOT suppose to happen to me. Surprised !!  But It did. So here I am; on this gorgeous sunny day, looking though my bedroom window imagining how today would have been; if my life has gone as plan.

P.S. Today I would have been “a wife” on my way to my honeymoon/vacation. But details of this one, would have to be share later.  when i feel stronger  enough emotionally to share what could have been an amazing “love story”.

God Bless everyone…



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